Thursday, November 28, 2013

New generation of cats 2013 - come and go

You saw it right. This picture of a family of cats harmoniously sleeping together in a bundle. I guess they were comfortable sitting on top of each other. Makes them feel closer and at ease. Basically these are the new era of Mek's generation conquering the household. Plus some ex-stray cats.

All those black and white spotted cats are either Mek kittens or grandkittens (does such word exist?). The smaller ones are Kitty's and Kitty is Mek's daughter. The orange one is definitely a stranger. Sahlan picked him from Surau and gave it to Mek to be nursed. So he is officially Mek's kitty. The bigger stripy kitten is also a stray one. She's closed to Bori - right one,below. Bori is such a cutie and nice too. Oh and the orange kitty has a talent actually. He acted like a dog. You know when we throw things, he'll chase after it, catch it in his mouth and bring it back to us. Such clever cat.

Mek and Momot is not in the picture. Oh, and another little orange stray kitten staying outside like a king. You know why? Coz he got a special comfy cushion for his nap. Such lucky kitten.

And no more Comel. She's passed away, I can't remember when. A sad thing for me. Gajah is also not here any more. He went missing in action. Such talented cat he was.As for Corelle, we left him at the market because we can't stand him spraying the house and because other cats seemed like they dislike him. His mere existence provoked Momot to get into a fight. Poor Corelle. He was not to be blamed. Such nice cat, but what can we do.

By the way, don't get tricked by the picture above. They seem serene when they were sleeping, but they were turning the house upside down when they are awake. But then, they brighten the household with their antics and everything :p